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Monday, January 29, 2007

An Interesting Situation

Recently, two Canadian citizens have been arrested while changing planes in New
York City, for doing something that is not illegal in Canada, Their business in based in the Isle of Man. They allowed Americans to use their
financial services company, to transfer money to online
poker sites. The name of their company was NETeller.
It is an American law that prohibits this. It was Americans who used
NETeller for this purpose.
Two Canadians, with an international
business based in the Isle of Man, have been arrested because of it.
I have posted about this in the past about online poker sites.

Imagine travelling in a foreign country, for doing something in your home coutry that is illegal there. You have not committed "the crime" in this country.You are there long enough to get onto another plane, but later surrounded by police officers and arrest you.
You are now on your way to a foreign prison and to be tried in foreign courts.
I have a prior post reguarding the ban on online casinos and that can be found here

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Out of Control

Recently, I feel my life is totally out of control. I feel I have no control over it. I have had severe mood swings that have affected every aspect of my life. I have trouble concentrating on daily tasks. This why I have not been posting as much. I usually start on a post and lose interest, save it and never post it.
My mind has been a wondering and travelling maze on wonderful, horrifying, and delusional thoughts.
Sometimes it comes to mind, that someone is intentionally doing this to me, but them come to realize that I am mostly doing it to myself.
My family and my wife's family, especially in my wife family, wonder if I am stable enough to continue on. Sometime I ask that question myself, but I continue and move on.
It has become to a point with my family, is they have their own issues and have heard all of mine over and over again
Some of what I have been sharing with my wife, usually gets passed on to her family, which in return becomes a great concern. I guess I make up my own conspiracy theories of how medication and how the mental health industry work. Sometimes I don't feel it is true, but other times I often wonder if my mind of fertile irrational thoughts warrant more investigation.
It is just beginning to a point where I am slamming my head into the wall over and over again.

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