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My personal blog about the upcoming presidential election, voicing my opinions on the candidate I am supporting for the upcoming election in 2008. It may also include personal posts I may choose to add.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Links and Info on ALL Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidates.

I found a link online of all of the gubernatorial candidates for Pennsylvania. The link can be found at for the Pennsylvania Governor Race.

There are third party candidates listed here as well. Candidates for Independents, Green, and Constituion Parties are listed as well. I am unsure if there are any Libertarians running for governor at this time or for this election.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My questions and opinions on North Korea

North Korea has the entire world on edge. Practically the entire world has condemned the nuclear tests that North Korea has performed.
The U.N. security counsel has taken suggestions from a resolution to impose sanctions to attempt to cripple the economy and possibly the regime. I do not have much faith in the U.N., but this is a time where they can prove themselves again to actually take action on international issues.
China may be cutting aid to the impoverished nation. It may be brutal to the folks in North Korea, but we MUST do something for Kim Jong-Il to discontinue his tests of nuclear weapons.
Is military force an option? I have too many strong and mixed feelings on that topic. Should we go into North Korea now? Was the test a failure as some speculate? Only time will tell.
I know Senator McCain criticized former President Clinton and placing blame on They is the country that gave North Korea access to the weapons. That is my opinion. They're the primary culprit. President Clinton sold these weapons to China, and yes President Reagan sold weapons to Iraq. All administrations have made bad decisions at one point.
I knew this would turn into a battle of finger pointing.
Democrats blame President Bush because he did not stop North Korea from developing the weapons. The Democrats are blaming President Bush for allowing it to happen.
Republicans will blame President Clinton because he sold nuclear weapons to China in the 1990's. The tables could be turned by brining up the Reagan Administration sold weapons to Iraq in the 1980's.
The problems with our current politicians is they only want to point fingers and blame. That creates a new problems that branch from the original issue. Then news problems arise and the fingers get point again. Eventually it has a domino effect and becomes counter-productive, then things slip though the cracks. The current Senators and Congressmen/women are making things counter productive.
That was my rant and opinion on the topic.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election 2006

Here is a website that may be very helpful to all voters and is something that I have been studying quite a bit. I found it online by accident a few weeks ago. The sight is called here. This will probably help me make a decision on who I vote for, although I have a pretty good idea of whom I am voting for. I enjoy studying their issues and voting record.
I have an idea of which candidates I am voting, but there may be a last minute decision.
My only issue I have is who I am voting for governor. Ed Rendell, (D) the incumbent, has had FEW successes like getting the state back on a balanced budget. He has not reduced property taxes for very many people as he had promised in 2002. I do give him some credit for trying but they seem to fall apart.
The opponent is Lynn Swann (R), was a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1974 until 1982. Mr. Swann does not have a very strong platform and seems to be like myself, a person who like statistics. I do enjoy statistics myself, but they do not make a strong platform without some type of explanation. I am sure Mr. Swann enjoys statistics as well.
I am going to mention third party candidates for govenor on a later post. With few exceptions, third party candidates never get elected to office unfortunately. I was going to post in the coming days a separate post mentioning third party candidates. I was going to include them in the post, but I decided I would like more information on them before posting.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Post #3

The tragedy in Lancaster County.
This was not going to be my original Sunday post, but I decided this is very appropriate to post. I did not post anything about this sooner, because I felt I would want many more answers before I would post something on this.
I felt as a Pennsylvanian I would express my sorrow and mourning for the Amish people. It is a truly a tragedy by a demented person who wished to act out on innocent people.
For reasons unknown, at this time, the perpetrator decided to walk into an Amish school and begin firing a firearm at innocent young girls. I am not going into graphic details of the incident, but if you would like more information you may look it up at Google News, the link is also at the side.
What I felt was so scary that it hit fairly close to home. It was not some incident that happened hundreds of miles from my home. This was something that grabbed the entire world's attention that was less than one hundred miles from my driveway. It really made me think, are we safe anywhere anymore?
This warranted some answers to questions that may not have an answer. It may take many months or years to find a complete answerand possibly none may be found. The point I am getting at is what we can do to prevent a horrible or very significantly reduced the odds of the risk of such a horrible tragedy.
Some elementary schools are responding by locking all doors to the school. Also, some are implementing that a telephone call into the school must be made before any visit by anyone can take place. They sound like great solutions, but when you get the biggest picture, are they really the answer to ending shootings. Locking the doors may inhibit intruders from entering to harm children, but it poses a safety hazard if the school would have to be evacuated rapidly in an event of an emergency. There are not any easy answers.
This was not the first school shooting that has taken place. Any time a student or
an adult enters a building to take human lives is totally intolerable. What cause all of the media attention was the settings and surrounding of this particular tragedy. The entire state and possibly the entire nation were in disbelief and shock on that day, because of the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.