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Friday, November 16, 2007

My Bass Guitar

This is a Fender 5 string Jazz Bass aka J-Bass

This is why I haven't been blogging for awhile. I have been playing with my band from high school that I had temporarily reunified for a few months over the summer. Although it wasn't the same spirit and aura that was felt during my high school years, it did bring back a ton of memories.

Although we are no longer playing as a band, the memories of our misfourtunes, defeats, hardships, and disagreements will remain fresh in my memory. There were also alot of good times traveling in a 1981 GMC Vandura with a band playing a variety of 1990's alternative covers and some of our own music.

Those days are long and gone. Now with a family, a mortage, and other micellaneous bills, it is no longer a feasible option to just travel about the east coast of the United States, primarily the Mid-Atlantic states, showing off our talents in civic centers, festivals, music festivals, and even bars.

Back in the late spring/early summer and while drinking a few beers my former bandmates and I came up with the idea of reunifying the band. One thing lead to another and eventually we were scheduling gigs. We did this until September.

I will talk more about the adventures of the reunification on an upcoming post that I am drafting. The post will include more of the hardship and the great times that we're encountered.



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