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Friday, December 15, 2006

HR 4682-"Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2006."

I am a subscriber to an E-letter from and occasionally share some thoughts and ideas on my blog from those E-letters.
This is totally pathetic. This shows to prove that taking away freedoms is a bi-partisan agenda. HR 4682 is an effort by Nancy Pelosi to weaken all grassroots organizations. Along with Ralph Nader, who I though supported grassroots venues, is also supporting this legislation.
This is something unbelievable and out of the pages of an urban myth.
The bill is HR 4682. It's called the supported by Public Citizen "Honest Leadership and Open
Government Act of 2006." It was co-written by Nancy Pelosi. This is legislation that would limit small grassroots organizations like
but leave big special interest lobbying firms exempt.
The legislation will be re-introduced through Congress as part of an ethics reform campaign. You can look at it by going to and typing in 4682 which is the bill number.
Section 204(b)(2) serves no other purpose than to regulate small
grassroots organizations, while leaving the direct lobbying
of big special interests exempt from these regulations.

This is the sign of intrusive government to regulate the "grassroots organizations" of American citizens.
My opinion this is legislation to turn people to zombies and just go along with big government and their intrusive decisions. This is you tax dollars at work and it is just restricting people rights, just because these grassroots organizations are "annoying" to the lawmakers in congress.
This relates to something I watched on Glenn Beck's show on CNN Headline News a few months back. I do not always agree with Glenn Beck or his political stances, but when he stated that "Politicians only want to serve their party." Mr. Beck was 100% on the money. This is just another example of proof! Ms. Pelosi is an example, by not listening to the people who elected her and only listening to large lobbying to promote their personal agendas. I used to actually support some of the things Public Citizen used to promote, but I am re-thinking this stance because of this bill. I encourage everyone to write to Public Citizen and express their disapproval of this bill.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Possible Explanations of the Dropa Stones

There have been some possible explanations for the Dropa Stones, which I have been posting about for the last few days.
A possible interpretation on one of the Dropa Stones read something similar to this: The Dropas came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions." There is no proof whether if the encoded message actually read this.
Some skeptics have written this off as a hoax and the stones can be explained. It is widely believe they are of a terrestrial origins.
Russian scientists have examined the stones and it was reported they are made of cobalt and have an unusual rhythm if a electrical charge were going through them.
Skeptics have claimed the Dropa disks are actually "bi discs", which were made between the Neolithic Period and were made up to the time of the Shang Dynasty. The "bi-discs" range just from a few inches in diameter up to several feet across. They are made out of jade or nephrite and also have a hole carved in the center.
A "bi-disc" was a discs that ranged in different sizes with a hole in the center, usually depicting dragons or other mythical creatures.
This is one possible explanation to the mystery surrounding the Dropa stones.
The man who supposedly translated the discs was named Tsum Um Nui, but no records show that the man actually existed, except when examining the Dropa Stones.
The Dropa Stone incident is often referred to "China's Roswell", because the same circumstances regarding extraterrestrial life landing on earth in New Mexico back in the 1940's.

Whatever the origin of the Dropa Stones are, skeptics have possible explanations of the discs. Whether the discs are of terrestrial or extraterrestrial, it has been in the extreme imaginations of skeptics and believes alike. Whether it is a hoax or an actual contact with another world, until the true answer is found it will remain a true mystery.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Dropa Stones Part II-The Mysterious Graves

Along with the discs found at in the caves in the isolated mountain in China, there were graves found. The graves found at the drop Caves in China contained a specimen of an unknown species. It were thought to be an undiscovered species or extinct breed of ape, but was rules out when the remains were actually buried.
The specimens inside were only about four feet tall with oversized heads. Very similar to what UFO researchers refer to as "Grays."
Also there were painting found inside depicting some type of species wearing helmets.
A legend in China by the local inhabitants stated that a mysterious race of beings crash landed on in mysterious ship. The referred to themselves as the "drop."
The legend had stated that these beings crash landed in their space ship near the isolated mountains along the China/Tibet border nearly twelve thousand years ago. It was reported that the beings were gaunt and thin. They had Yellow faces and only about four feet tall, according to accounts.
Who were these "beings" found in the graves? Were they truly of a extraterrestrial origin? Did humans actually have contact with these beings 12,000 years ago? Did they really come from a different planet? Is there a possible explanation to the mysterious graves found in the caves? If so, who and what were these beings? Were they in fact a terrestrial human race that is now extinct? Are they an unknown species of ape?
One thing is for sure it has many unexplained circumstances surrounding the mystery. A mystery that may always haunt us with one question, what really happened in that area of China 12,000 years ago?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Dropa Stones

I was watching The History Channel on Monday night and a television show feature the mysterious Dropa Stones or Discs of China.
I haven't written anything about the paranormal or the unexplained for awhile, I guess because I had better ideas to post on my blog. I came into a little writers block and needed to come up with ideas. So I decided to post something on the Dropa Stones in China.
This has been referred to as China's Roswell. In the deep and isolated mountains near the China/Tibet border, there were several discs uncovered by a Chinese archaeological team in 1938. These were found in a cave in the mountains. They were carbon-dated to be approximately ten to twelve thousand years old.
Also, found in the cave were graves of a strange species with oversized heads and about four feet tall. It was speculated that the remains may be of those from an extinct type of ape, but apes are not known for burying the dead. I am doing additional research on what the being may have been and will post that later. I will dedicate an entire post to what the beings that could have been that were found in the cave.
There were over seven-hundred discs found in the cave. The strange discs ranging from just a few inches to a few feet in diameter, had a carved out circle in the center of the discs. Strange hierographic writing were observed on the discs as well. It is unknown what the "writings" on the discs may have meant, but speculation may have unearth that it is a written record of an alien species that may have visited and even had contact with people.
There are many questions raised. Were these discs of an extraterrestrial origins or were made by an ancient civilization. What ever the case may be, one thing is for certain, there is an incredible story and a deep mystery behind these discs. This is one of the most mysterious archeological finds of present time. A mystery that has one question. What or who made these discs and what is the true meaning of the writings found on the discs?
Here is a search on the Dropa Stones. I welcome all opinions and possible explantions to the story above.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Not as Many Pennsylvanians Hunting

I read an interesting article in the newspaper that also coincides with a post that I posted a few weeks ago.
I had posted that Pennsylvania had the highest incidents deer-vehicle collisions. That post from Wednesday November 15, 2006, and can be seen here and scrolling down to the post with a "Deer Warning" sign. I am not a hunter myself, but found this to be an interesting topic because of what I posted a month ago.
Sale of hunting licenses in Pennsylvania have decreased since 1981. 1981 was a record setting year by the sale of 1.3 million licenses. In 2005 few than one million were sold, with the number at 964,000. The number decreased by 336,000 in a span of twenty-five years.
One explanation of the decline in hunting is urban spawl. People are leaving the cities and expanding suburban areas. I know of countless upon countless new homes going up in my area, including my own home. The open areas that were prime hunting areas are no longer available to hunt in because of safety zone restrictions.
Some people don't hunt anymore because they simply don't have the available time to do so.
As a result Pennsylvania leads the state in deer-vehicle accidents.
There are no easy solutions to the problem of deer-vehicle accidents.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two Stories of Interest Over the Weekend

This post is about two different news articles that caught my attention.
The First one is the United States leads the world in the incarcerated. The second is the ban of trans-fats from restaurants' menus in New York City.
I am going to begin with the ban in NYC. Yes, trans-fats are horrible for you. No one is going to deny that. Everyone knows that they will kill you in excess. The government does not need to play "nanny" to its people.
The government of NYC is stating that it will help the restaurants find alternatives to trans-fatty acids. They also stated that they are not looking for easy money from restaurants when it comes to the penalties. Everyone knows that is a lie. You may click here for an article that relates to the ban.
The second news article is the primary reason for today's post. The United States leads the world in the highest incarcerated prison population. I agree 100% that is the best place for people who decide to commit violent crimes such as robberies and murders.
I have never discussed this issue before on my blog, but it is something that has been known to everyone that knows me personally, that I am against the "War on Drugs." I do not support the usage of drugs what so ever. Drugs are a horrible thing. They do degrade lives. They are destructive in every way imaginable. They destroy families. I will never deny that. Alcohol, the most abused drug, does the same. Everyone knows what alcohol and how it impacts everything and anything. I really see no difference between alcohol and drug usage. They are both equally destructive. The "War on Drugs" has done nothing more than damper and hinder law-abiding citizens constitutional rights. I could write a book on the advantages and disadvantages of drug prohibition.
The United States incarcerates more people in drug offences that any other country. This adds to the contribution to the increasing numbers of incarcerated. This also goes into the discussion of how much it costs to incarcerate someone for these charges. Federal taxes may have increased, but have your local and state taxes increased. I know mine have and the higher taxes partially contribute to increased incarceration.
The Justice Department report shows that one out of every thirty-two people have been incarcerated or on probation/parole in the past year. The number shows that approximately seven million are incarcerated now.

America need a sensible drug policy. Not prohibition. Look at the time when alcohol was banned. Crime skyrocketed because of bootlegged alcohol. The murder rate skyrocketed as well, which led to the 21st amendment repealing the 18th amendment, which banned alcohol.