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My personal blog about the upcoming presidential election, voicing my opinions on the candidate I am supporting for the upcoming election in 2008. It may also include personal posts I may choose to add.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

~~~Making Adjustments to the Blog~~~

You may have noticed a few slight changes to my blog.The next few hours, possibly for a few days, this blog may not show properly. I will be doing some expeimentaations to the blog. The blog may not load properly until the bugs get worked out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hoaxes and Pranks of the Unexplained

Everyone knows that many things have been pranked. Anything from UFO sightings, to a fake picture of the Loch Ness Monster and people in costume pretending to be Bigfoot.
A simple hubcap being tossed into the air to fool people into believing it was a UFO sighting, to double exposing a picture to make others think they are seeing a ghost. Even the Loch Ness monster has had its share of pranks and hoaxes.
Photography is great. Although it is usually proof positive of an event or object, it can be perceivable in an abstract way to fool the eye.
A picture is worth one-thousand words.
As I posted in other posts, I enjoy things of the unexplained. The mystery of the unknown intrigues me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Deer Accidents in Pennsylvania

This is something that has to interest every Pennsylvanian, which is hitting a deer. I know many Pennsylvanians that have, myself including. I was watching CNN this morning and found that Pennsylvania was number one in accidents involving deer.
I found this link from
Posted in order are the states with the most accidents

10.South Carolina

My beliefs on UFO's

One of the "unexplained" topics I like to read about are UFO's or Unexplained Flying Object.
I enjoy reading about the Roswell incident as well as television shows that host UFO sightings shows.
I am what they would call a skeptical believer. I believe that alien life forms may have ventured to our planet, but I do not see every light that I cannot identify as a UFO.
UFO's have been reported for thousands of years. One of the first known reported was by a Roman and reported flying ships over the sky, of what is now modern-day Italy.
There is also a belief that a recorded UFO sighting is found in Ezekiel, in the Tanakh/Old Testament.
Eventually I am going to post about UFO incidents/sightings that interest me. I am unsure if any are true or to take with a grain of salt.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Other Interests of Mine

Other things I do like to research are things of the unexplained. I enjoy watch specials on TV of the supernatural and the unknown. I enjoy reading about conspiracy theories, some that do make sense, other that don't.
I enjoy listening to Coast to Coast AM. It is a show that comes on many talk radio formats in the very late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning.
I can only listen for a short period of time because, like most people I sleep at night. I have always enjoyed the topics.
I will probably focus on certain topic or may come random as I post.
Coast to Coast AM's website

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gasoline Adventure

Over the weekend while pulling up to a nearby fueling station to get some much needed gasoline for my vehicle.
I placed my bank card into the card reader, when I was not paying attention I pushed the 89 octane and placed the fueling nozzle in my vehicle's gas tank openning.
While I was pumping my fuel I realized what I had did. I hit the 89 octane button.
Usually I purchase the 87 octane for my 2003 Chrysler Town and Country, but in a state of confusion or accident, I pressed the button for the 10-15 cents more a gallon.
It was too late when realized i was putting 89 in my vehicle. I was pumping the fuel.
To be honest with you I did not see any change in gas mileage. I know some Volkswagens and other luxury vehicles require the higher octane fuel, but I never seen it in my owners manual that it was required.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Post #7

The Future of my Blog
This will be the last post that deals with primarily politics. Looking back at the last election cycle and mid-term elections, I am glad to see that it is over.
You see signs that have been along roadsides voting for a certain candidate.
They have been up since later summer or even sooner in some cases. Slowly the billboards and the signs are slowly disappearing. Money spent by political campaigns either paid off or have been wasted.
Long gone will be the attack ads by political candidates trash talking and spreading gossip. Television and radio will return to regular commercial promoting residential and commercial products that are available.
My blog, however, probably won't change much in the sense of looks. I do not plan on changing my name or the name of the blog. I will only be changing its format slightly to include personal tidbits that I may want to write about. They will not all be political. I did post that in certain posts in my blog, but now I will go into specifics. It may turn into a depressing blog. It may turn into a funny blog. It may have abstract posts. Only the future will tell.
I may included a little more about my personal life, my occupation, as long as I break no confidentiality of my employer. It may include musings of things in Pennsylvania and its unique majesty.
I am going to cover topics that interest me, such as the unexplained and the paranormal. One of my favorite radio shows is coast to coast am. I try to listen to a few hours of a few shows each week, but it is on at nighttime. I do need to sleep during that time.
This will probably be the last posts titled "Sunday Post" because the election is over.