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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mania's Terror

Today I am posting about an adventure that took place back in the early summer of 2000.
Today I look back at this time with a smile, although at the time it caused my family (namely, mother and grandmother) alot a grief.
This is a prime example of how a mental illness can effect family.

Back in 2000 after a heated argument with my mother because I was intentionally missing doctor's appointments and did not really want to seek any type of mental health treatment. I didn't care about the therapists or anything. I didn't even want to be on medication, so I stopped taking it.
My mother knew I was clearly manic, because I have been sleeping less than four hours a night and was always on the go. I also was an egomaniac at the time, in short a total prick.
Out of a my clouded judgement and out of impulse I decided I was going to visit my cousin in California. I guess I was very pissed off at everyone.
I never told anyone about my plans to go to California. I only planned for the trip less than six hours before leaving.
I woke up the following morning around 2:30am, pack up clothes and a few other belongings, and hopped into my 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier.
I had directions that I'd printed from I had check the oil in my car, although I did change the oil in the car three days prior to my trip.
I hit the open road. California or bust. The trip was very uneventful. Only had a few traffic jams in major cities like Cleveland, Chicago, and Denver.

After about forty-two hours and change I was at my destination. I did not stop except to fuel my vehicle. This is disgusting, but I used a bottle to urinate in so I would not have to stop. I did not sleep the entire time.

When I arrived, it was quite a surprise visit, but more than welcomed. My cousin greeted me with a huge hug and asked me what I was doing there. She had also said it was a great and unexpected surpise, but I was welcomed there anytime.

My cousin unknowingly called my mother(which also her cousin) and my mother was quite distraught because she didn't know where I was.

I explained everything to her and what happened.
My grandmother(this is her niece) was on the verge of another heart attack because I basically worried her to death.

After it was all said and done my mom and grandmother breathed a huge sigh of relief. They knew I was safe and was in a safe place where I would not harm myself or someone else.
My cousin's daughter is a R.N.(who is my 3rd cousin) wanted to take me to the hospital where she works and have me placed inpatient in the hospital's psych unit immediately.
I was not placed inpatient because I had made a promise if my grandmother sent my meds by Fed-Ex and took them I would not be placed there.

I stayed at my cousin's home for 2 1/2 weeks. It turned out to be one of the most exciting times of my life. My grandmother also send a check (she didn't know I had over $2500 in my savings account. LOL) so I would have enough money to return and could get hotel rooms on the way back. She did not want me to drive straight through.

While I was in California, my cousin(the R.N.) had a psychiatrist speak to me about my mental stability. I told her everything. I guess I was more open because it was the first female psychiatrist I had ever met. She was the most comforting and understanding one I had as well. She was not pre-judgmental.

As I look back on this experience there is only one thing I really seriously regret. I wished I would have told my mother and grandmother so I would have not scared them to death.

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