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Monday, January 15, 2007

Lobbying Reform by Congress

Once again, Congress is blocking the voices and opinions it does not want to hear. Their lobbying reforms will target grassroot political organizations like The bill, which the link is below, will force small grassroots organizations additional costs by forcing them to comply with reporting requirements. The groups that cannot afford this expenditure will either go out of business, or the ones that survive will spend more money and time on paperwork to comply with new regulations. This would slow down the presence of the organizations, making your representive more likely to ignore your voice.
What a sad day it will be if this bill does pass. Congress knows it is not doing its job when it wants to silence its critics. This defeats the purpose of the United States Constitution.
We think we elect people to congress that wants to hear from its people, when in fact it is silencing them. This is a shame. The "new" congress is doing the same thing as the "old" congress.
The exemptions would include "special interest groups".
I have a link which will take you to the webpage. This has much more detailed information.